it's me.

oh hey, it's me. really.. me. I am 2 kids, a part time job, & marathon training DEEP, swinging right into 2016. I haven't blogged since the blur of new motherhood, when I so vaguely remember typing out Khloe's birth story.

(i'm still hooked on coffee, i mean more than i was before!)

So many things have changed, some great, some not so great, and some incredibly stressful. See, I am a stressor. It's hard-wired. The only trait I believe I inherited from my father.

my marriage is stronger than ever, yet so fragile. we are sleep deprived, we don't get a lot of alone time, & the whole hanky panky thing is limited. we co-sleep for god sake.

anyways, krew is now raging into those threenager years, like I mean I ask myself daily if he is 30 or just 3.

Khloe has fit ever so wonderfully into this family. She just completes us, her crazy bed head, her smile with her tongue out, oh & her temper. something I like to think she got from her father. She has so many nick-names, koko, pretty bird, sissy, missy mou, sissy sue, queenie. Koko is a typical girl, the typical baby of the family EVERYONE loves her & EVERYONE wants to hold her.

 A lot has changed with me, my perspective on life, my selflessness, my PPD after baby #2 came (post to come). My personality, my goals, my anxiety, I mean basically everything that comes with being a new mom. AGAIN.

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