I'm sure almost all of you have heard about the KILLER freaking deal on Shutterly's website and of course I couldn't pass it up either! Last year we didn't do Christmas cards being newlyweds and just moving into our house it didn't even cross my mind but this year I figured we better do it so our faces can hang on our close family and friends fridges for a few weeks plus I am getting more and more into the Christmas spirit as the years go on! I'm still so shocked that 2010 is almost over it's so crazy to me! I have never ordered anything from Shutterfly before but I know a lot of people that highly reccomend it so I figured since it's free I mains well give it a whirl! I'd really like to make on of those photo books of our wedding and honeymoon for hubbs it would probably sit and collect dust but but it would be oober super cute! I am extremely picky when it comes to stuff like this like more picky then I probably should be but hey it's only a reflection back on you right? So here are a few of the cards that I like!

 I love the BRIGHT colors of this one! It doesn't scream traditional Christmas card which I totally love!

This one is way cute too again, I think I like the bright different colors of this!

These return labels are WAY cute too! Simple, Classy, and cute!

So go check out Shutterfly's deal and share your favorite Christmas cards with me! (:

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