Throw me a freakin' bone here!

Seriously to those of you who have made time during these crazy Holiday months I give you mad props! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I sure did! I felt super grateful for everything that I had on Thanksgiving Day! My husband, parents, sister, & puppies, we were missing my SIL, BIL, & neice and nephew though! I wish they could have joined dinner with us but I am looking forward to Christmas Eve even more now! I don't really have anything new to update you with we are just enjoying life and this crazy snow that we get every year! In our city the weatherman estimated that we received about 18 inches of snow luckily for me hubbs not only did hubbs scrape off his truck he even let me drive it so I got to work with no hassle! We put our Christmas tree up on Friday after an AMAZING SUCESSFUL day of Black Friday shopping! It put me even more in the mood for the holidays not only is Christmas coming but hubbs birthday is just 8 days after and then we have our VACATION to Colorado planned! We fly out on a Friday and don't come home till Monday we plan to snowboard and hopefully hit up the cute little town of Boulder (there is a juicy couture store there!! shh.. don't tell hubbs!) Anyway I will leave you with some pictures then hopefully get back into the routine of things here on my poor lonely blog!!

P.S Our Christmas cards should come in the mail tomorrow!! Whoo Hoo! Once I get them out to family & friends I will post one on here along with my CUTE return labels! Just wait till you see them!!

Us in our Ugly Sweaters for the partay!

                                                              My Sister in law & I!

We bought our nephew a skateboard & his lil sis had to test it out before anyone else could! How cute are her and R?

Getting ready to grub on Thanksgiving!

Gus waking out of his Turkey Coma from Grandpa!

                                                                     Chewy girl!

At my 2nd dads (best friends dad) 50th surprise birthday they had a photo booth!! It was SO fun here is just 1 of the many cute/funny pics we took! I am going to have a strictly photo booth party! (:

                                                          Our cute lil' Christmas Tree!!

& just because my husband is the BIGGEST Boise State fan ever I had to put up our Boise stocking! Win or Lose we are still HUGE fans at heart and will stick behind our team! I am thinking about surprising hubbs with tickets to their Bowl game for his birthday! Since we don't have chitlens yet I figured why not? Hopefully that plan of mine works out! I'd love to put the tickets in that little Boise stocking to give to him on his bday!! That is what we have been too lately I am going to try very hard to be back on here at least one more time this week!! (: Happy Monday!!

Oh how dare I forget to mention that the Nike outlet by my house opened!! NO BUENO gimmie gimmie!! (:
Brittany said...

You are too cute for words! Enjoy your holidays, I'm taking time off when I need it too! I realized I suffer from lames disease... and I just dont really care anymore :) LOL


Marian said...

Vacation in Colorado...I'm jealous. Best place to snowboard/ski. Have a blast!!

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous of everyone's Christmas trees! I can't wait to get ours. :)

Your sweety pug in his pug coma, too cute!!!

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