9 months!!

Krew Arthur Barras
9 months!!

Height & Weight: At Krews 9 month well check up he weighed in at a whopping 18 pds 12 oz. & is 27 inches long! He is such a petite little dude just ranking in at the 25th percentile. His pediatrician was so amazed at how well he has caught up since being a little preemie. Seriously could his rolls get any yummier?

Health: We are looking so good in this department. I must say I am very blessed, Krew hardly gets sick. I think it's because he has a rockin' immune system like his dad, R thinks it's because I keep him locked up in the house! You decide! He has cut in 2 teeth and they are the cutest!!

Sleep: The past months has been a little rocky, I think we need to adjust his bedtime to a little later. He has been going down around 8:30 and waking up around 4:3--5:30 every morning. I am not sure if he is getting hungry, or needs a little bed time! We will figure it out somehow! This morning I woke up and wondered how the hell we made it through the first 4 months when he NEVER slept!! 

Diet: My little dude is a typical boy and LOVES food. He is still going solid on about 4 8 oz bottles of Earth's Best formula, we are working on cutting back to 3 and having 3 BIG meals a day. He LOVES Plums food pouches he eats 2 of those a day. He will really eat anything off of my plate or any sort of snack. He loves fruits just like mama.

Clothes: He is fitting well in 9 month clothes, some of his 6 month pants and shorts still fit him. Some 12 month stuff. I am trying to squeeze through the last bit of Summer with what we have. I will be buying him a new 12 month winter wardrobe!!

Baby Gear Love: He still LOVES his tree swing, he doesn't really like being trapped in any toys like the bouncer or his walker toy. His cousins bought him a little Fischer Price walker that he loves. He also thinks our puppies are baby toys. Gus is okay with it.

Crying: Honestly, he hardly ever cries. If he does it's because he is tired. When dude is tired the littlest thing will set him off into a spin of other things. If he is hungry he gives you a good 20 minute notice or of course if he gets hurt!

Likes: He likes food, dogs, water, his papa, snuggles, being outside, snack time, cartoons, moms phone, and balls. Football, baseball, bouncy balls anything really. His dad is obviously happy.

Postpartum: This isn't even a question anymore! I am 5 pounds away from post Krew weight and I FINALLY have the hang of this mom thing! 1st birthday planning is in full effect!

Dear Krew,
Mama loves you so very much. Your smile pulls at my heart like nothing else, I love when I get home from work and you plant a BIG wet one on me. You are my baby boy forever. Your laugh is so infectious and the way you say Gus is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Krew you sure are a spontaneous little man you are always keeping me and dad on our toes and you LOVE to explore. I can't wait to watch your personality grow but at the same time I want you to stay my little baby forever. Those sweet moments when you rest your head on me are what I live for. Please always remember that I am here for you, would do anything for you and will ALWAYS support and love you. You are one amazing human being and your future is so bright. As you grow and we plan and celebrate each year of your life remember where you came from. Please be kind, and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Please be respectful to everyone, especially women and the elderly. I know you will leave quite the mark on this world. Explore. Ask questions. and NEVER settle for less than you deserve. Dad and I love you. When you go to bed at night sleep tight. We will do anything you ask.


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OMG, he looks just like you! Love him :D

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