Check it off....

I have a little 30 before 30 list in my head. I really should put it on paper. (maybe that will be my next blog post) I checked one a BIG one off of my list on Saturday the 17th. It still hasn't quite hit me that I actually did it. I ran the whole time. Didn't shed a tear but did indeed want to rip my sisters face off. I ran my very 1st Half Marathon. People! It hasn't even hit me when I say that. Legit I have been sporting my t-shirt around everywhere along with a not so awesome limp!
That is me, in the back sit of my moms car as she is driving my sore ass home. We did the Hobble Creek 1/2. Friday night me, Krew, my parents, and sister stayed the night in Provo since we had to be to the bus line at 5 a.m. We went to the Brick Oven (that place is disgusting) and tried to carbo load. Than we went back to the hotel where my mom bathed Krew while I got all my race stuff set out. Krew woke up about 3 times that night, I didn't mind I could hardly sleep anyways.

The alarm went off at 4 and I was full of nerves/excitement. We got dressed and headed out. I should have ate something. We caught the bus still half asleep and made it to the start line where we used the potty and talked for a good hour. We laughed, cherished the time together, me, my mom, and my sister.

The gun went off and we started down the canyon I felt really really good. I was confident, the little voice inside me was cheering me on! I could just picture Krew at the finish line waiting for his mama with such pride! The thought put tears in my eyes!

I soared to the 9 mile mark not even thinking much about what I was about to accomplish. I hit a HUGE wall. My sister pushed me along and didn't let me walk. There was a younger girl in a green shirt who I tried to keep my eye on. She would pass me, I would pass her.

2 hours and 20 minutes later we finished. My mom waited to finish so we could all 3 finish together. We held hands and crossed the finish line at the same time. I couldn't have done it without them! I am so proud of myself and still in pure amazement!

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