10 Months!!

Height & Weight: Krew went to the doctor 2 weeks ago for his poor little cold and he is weighing in at 19 pds. Still such a little guy!!

Health: Like I said in the previous question Krew was just at the doctor for a cold he has been fighting. I have been stuck with bronchitis for almost 1 month so I was worried he was catching it. Thank god he isn't. He is almost back to 100% health! (:

Sleep: He has been sleeping A TON better this past month. Thank goodness. My schedule has been so crazy hectic at work and at home. It always helps when I get a full nights rest. This kid naps like a champ too. Usually takes 1 1 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

Diet: We are down to 4 7 oz bottles a day. Working on 3 full meals a day as well. This is going really well, he loves adult food. His favorites are pasta, pepperoni, eggs, apples, watermelon, and french fries! Yesterday I picked up a kids meal and we shared it and watched Alvin and The Chipmunks it was such a fun day!

Clothes: He is 9-12 month clothes. Asking for Baby Gap or Nordstrom gift cards for his bday since he needs a new winter wardrobe! (:

Baby Gear Love: This BOY is a typical boy I think. He loves to play with balls, he likes to throw them, he likes to chase them. Makes his daddy happy. He also loves our puggy Gus.

Crying: He rarely cries. Whines yes. Cries no.

Likes: His papa (my dad), is at the top of his list right now. Nothing else.

I deleted the postpartum questions that is so stupid. I am officially down to my pre pregnancy weight!! 
This past weekend we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Krew has his 1st over night sleepover with my parents and R and I headed to Park City! It was so fun and relaxing!

The weekend before that we went to Oktoberfest in Snowbird with our besties. 

We have had a crazy busy Summer and things are only about to get more crazy! 1st Birthday planning is in full swing, October is hunting season, the holiday craze and Disneyland in December!!

Schnelle said...

He's so adorable & getting so big! Eating finger foods- Aubrey is almost there too and that's when I'm going to start to cry- feeling like she's not a baby anymore!

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