I am having a kick ass Friday. God always has weird ways of blessing my days when I need them most, it's like he KNOWS when I need help with my mom guilt. My BFFS are in town from Vail, OR.
This bish is my partner in crime. We unfortunately live 6 frickin hours away, so we act like 2013 pen pals and text 24/7. Let me give you a little back ground on our friendship. We both got pregs around the same time. We talked on and off about everything pregnancy related. She needed to deliver here at Primary Children's in UT. So of course with no questions asked we opened our home up to her and her family. Because that is what cousins do for each other right? Did I mention she is Rs cousin? Okay, I should have from the beginning. So... the delivery is smooth and we are both happy tired with our baby BOYS. Yep, she has a baby boy too. 1 month younger then baby Krew. Here is the thing:

  • Both boys were born on a Tuesday
  • Both mamas were 36W4D at delivery
  • Both boys weight 5 pds 6 oz and were 18 inch long.
  • Krew was born at 8:27 p.m and B was born at 8:23 p.m.
Seriously? It's like we are soul sisters and they are little soul brothers. I love the bond we have so much. She is one of my best friends and I talk to her about everything. I only wish we lived closer. So I will be spending my WHOLE weekend soaking in Heather time. I am so so so excited!!

Here we are reunited last night!! 


Schnelle said...

That is crazy!!! So nice to have someone that you're so close to with a little one that is so close in age.

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