Jumping In

“Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential.” - Sheryl Sandberg

This morning I jumped in. You know when you are little and you run and jump straight into the freezing pool without even thinking twice. Yep. That was me.. this morning. I almost feel like I did it naked too. Skinny dipping anyone?

I sent my almost 11 month old baby off to a nanny outside of our home. For the past 11 months, he has been with family and his very own personal nanny and his 2 dogs inside of his house. Inside of our comfort zone. I was up all night so worried. I worry a lot. This is a bad trait to have as a new mother.

I have been wanting to get him started somewhere around this age to 12 months so he will learn to be social, he won't be cooped up in his home all day with his familiar surroundings. I don't think that is healthy. So, today I did it! 

I am not sure where I really want to go with this. I am going to start with believing in myself, having the strength to leave him knowing I have such big hopes and dreams for him. And before I can help him achieve those I must achieve my own. Some say I am on a soap box with my whole "working mom" campaign but I honestly don't care. I am proud of myself and thus,  hope to encourage other young and older moms to feel the same. I feel as though "leaving your babies for work" is sadly frowned upon in this state. Being that most moms are stay at home mothers. I think that is fantastic. If you can stay at home and not go insane MORE POWER TO YOU!!! I on the other hand can't. I just hate the stamina of it being a bad thing to pursue your own dreams and put them on hold because you have children. 

For those of us moms struggling with knowing "someone else is raising our baby". Stand up and give yourself a giant pat on the freaking back. You have the balls to leave your baby and you have such a bright future ahead of yourself. Keep pushing and working hard towards those dreams you have. Us moms can do it all with nothing short of having an amazing support system, some kick ass confidence, a smile on our face, and a little babe away waiting to kiss you when you pick him up. You go girl!

Hilary said...

Good for you. :-) How did you pick your nanny? It makes me so nervous to trust someone I don't know.

KMichelle said...

Thank you for this. My maternity leave ends in two weeks and I am dreading taking my sweet boy to daycare with every fiber of my being. Here's to hoping I survive!

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