Krewpalooza Week

Today officially kicks off my babies 1st birthday week! Call us crazy but in the Collins world we celebrate birthdays for weeks, even the whole month! My sisters birthday was yesterday so now that that is over we can all fully focus on Krewpalooza! I have so much in the works for his birthday party on Saturday! I am planning on over 30 people being there. I feel so much love already! Krew got blessed with a seriously cool set of Grandparents, my mom and dad have gone all out in order to help celebrate his birthday and we couldn't be more thankful! I am going to highlight him all week on my blog. Mostly pictures, not really any talking because who wants to hear read me anyways?

This was me 1 year ago today (tonight actually) seriously I remember being so swollen. I had only cleaned my house a dozen times. Alas, my hair was at least curled!

This was our last night out to dinner just the 2 of  us. Which is actually a rare occasion nowadays!

This was our last holiday as a family of 2! The 4th of July. Look at my tinsy bump, I remember it starting to show up!

If we had only known then what we know now. Krew runs the damn show! I can't wait to share more about his birthday week as this week continues. Since when am I a mom and a mom to a 1 year old at that!?


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