Frama & Frampa Barras

WOW... its been too long since I last posted and boy do I have some catching up to do! To you bitches who can stay up on this shit.. good on ya!! Sometimes I feel like blogging can be a little soap box and I dont want mine to be that way so I am going to make this post and the next several as happy as possible! I dedicate this one to the cutest couple I have ever met Grandpa and Grandma Barras. I dont know about you but I only have 1 grandmother still living.. I never knew my mom's dad and barely knew my dad's dad and my dad's mother died 4 years ago from breast cancer she was my best friend and I miss her dearly.. so I think it is so neat that Ryan has both sets of Grandparents still living. His Gma and Gpa Barras are by far the cutest couple known to man kind! They have been married for a bigillion and 1 years and you can still see the spark they have in their eyes when they look at each other. (Look how happy he looks by her side!)

Well anyways... Ryan's Grandpa has not been doing so well. After 2 triple by pass surgeries you'd think he would be use to surgery and pain by now! Man he is a trooper.. He has been suffering from back and leg pains for about 2 months now and they just keep getting worse and to boot 2 disks in his back were out of place and his arthrities wasn't helping either! So the weekend after my surgery Ryan and I made a trip to Burrely (hick voice) Idaho... we were greeted with warm  hearts and open arms. It reminds me so much of my Grandma's house I just love it. Friday night Ryan and his dad HAD to get out of the house so we went to Melody's. Some po ass dunk place in Idaho. It was SO cool and weird to me. For one I have never been into a bar and for another that probably wasn't the best place to go for my first impression!! Ry and Kenny B were shooting the drinks like it was nobody's bidness. I on the other hand knew I should probably stay sober so I could kick their asses in line if needed!! Ry sang some karaoke and I showed ID how us SLC girls rip up the dance floor!!

Saturday we hung out at Ryan's Grandma's and helped her with anything we could. She made me chicken noodle soup just out of the can but boy I swear it was the best chicken noodle soup ever! All I needed was a little Grandma loving! :] Before we left we gave hugs bye and Ryan let Grandpa know that he couldn't pass yet because there was many more fishing trips in the future with our munchkins! I hope to God he is still around because I know my children will love him just as I do! Ryan calls his Grandma every Sunday to see how things are going and she was so ecstatic and SO happy that Grandpa was doing so well! I broke down and cried and just though how fortunate Ry is to have wonderful Grandparents. It really made me miss my Gma Lo! So I am letting you know from expereince savor EVERY second you have with the old folks, because you can't get them back no matter how hard you try!! R.I.P G-Ma!!

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