iPhone dump

We started this new thing with Krew, in the evenings after dinner we pick a Disney movie on Netflix and crawl under the covers and watch it! It's so fun and Krew will get so snuggly with us!
I FINALLY got our family pictures, Krew 2 year, and our Disneyland pictures developed and in frames. Although I've only gotten 1 hung.

This was me sitting in the laundry room of our hotel room in CA. I only packed Krew ONE blanket for our 5 day trip. BAD mistake. He got chocolate milk and sand ALL over it. I just kept thinking at least I am in sunny CA!

This little cheese ball is getting too smart for his own good! He talks so much, all the time. Just babbles my ear right off. 

I've been trying new hairstyles lately. I don't wash my hair more than twice a week so it's hard for me to come up with cute and easy hairstyles that I can wear to work!

I am so happy we decided to purchase all of our Disneyland pictures! I can't wait to take baby lady back! We really had the time of our lives!
When Ryan is working Krew will happily take over his spot in bed. I don't know where he got this laying position from but it's so funny! He really is the king of the castle at our house! We just love him so!
Currently this is the only place I ever want to be. I've had some MAJOR round ligment pains and my tailbone is killing me. So baths help me relax soo much. My master bathroom is worth the house payment alone.


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