Thanks to Maria (one of my best bloggy paLs) over at Two Hearts Made Four she gave me this award! :]
Its AWARD time!!!!!!!

The rules............
1. accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
2.List 10 things about yourself
3.List 5 additional things you DONT like!
4.Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

Here goes nothin'......
  1. I bite my nails SO bad they usually bleed
  2. I was married at the ripe young age of 19
  3. I love love love the color pink my house would be pink if hubbs let me!
  4. My older sister and I are 18 months apart and the best bffs in the world!
  5. My blackberry is attatched to my damn finertips. Crackberry for shizzle
  6. I am REALLY close to 2 of my 3 sister in laws and I love them like they are really my sisters
  7. My hubbs has never ONCE left the toilet seat up for me to fall into!
  8. My wedding ring has pink shapphire in it! (Thats how much I like pink!)
  9. I dye my hair a different color at least once a month I can't make up my damn mind!
  10. I went to private Catholic School... (that explains it right? ;])
Now for 5 things I DO NOT like...
  1. I hate super MORMON girls who judge everything AND everyone! (sorry I had to say it because it is numero uno pet peeve) don't get offensive!
  2. I HATE/LOVE my obsession with designer bags it leaves us in the poo house!
  3. I CAN'T sit still for more then 10 minutes at a time! (a.d.d)
  4. I change my outfit at least 6 times before I leave the house which usually results in me throwing the clothes that I DON'T want on the floor.
  5. I CAN'T use the same bath towel twice! EW! It becomes annoying every Sunday when we do laundry!
Now for my 10 bloggy peeps that are going to get this as well:
1. Mrs. D at
2. Kristen at
3. Jess at
4. Mallory at
5. Kelsey at
6. Annie at
7. Melissa
8. Expat girl at
9. Hattie at
10. Summer at

Annie said...

Thanks girl!! I will post this tomorrow!!

Loved reading your 10 things about you :) should totally paint your house pink :)

Mrs. D said...

Thanks woman!! I love that you're so insanely honest :)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

lol loved this! i bite my nails wicked bad and am addicted to my crackberry as well!

Birdie said...

#3 makes me love you. During this deployment my home has become increasingly pink and sparkly:)

Megan said...

Love the post? Question are you mormon? Just curious since you wrote what ya did on the dislike list! I also LOVE pink :)

Barras' said...

Laur you know how honest and upfront I am ;] I love you! No Megan I am not mormon, I was raised in a very strict Catholic household and was did not have a lot of girlfriends since I did not attend young womans.

Kristin said...

Thanks so much. Your so freaking funny.

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay, thanks for the award!

I freaking love reading your blog. Seriously, I bet your so much fun to be around.

I most definitely will do this on my blog :)
Come check it out!!!

Suzy said...

Ha, I love it. I totally change and throw the clothes on the floor more times than I can count. It sure does make my laundry piles grow really fast!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the towel thing!!!! My boyfriend gets on to me for it and sais nothing is wrong with that towel! And I used to not care to use i another day or 2.....but for some reason i cant now! Have to use a clean one every time!I'm also the same way about my clothes!!! haha......Have a great day!

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