Here are 2 quick pictures from the Kansas concert my dad took me to for my birthday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They did such a fantastic job and there were some major hippees there including my dad!! :] My favorite song from them is Wayward Son, I don't know why I just love the beat and lyrics you should go check it out! There were some crazy 80 yr old (okay not really 80) groupies in the front row and I kinda got sick thinking my mom use to be that way! ;] The lead vocalist kinda creeped me out Steve Walsh he has REALLY long gray hair and perfectly straight teeth! Idk why but some people give me the hee bee gee bees really easily! ;] Well I was minding my own buisness on the dollar machine and out of the corner of my eye there HE is! David Ragsdale the violin/fiddle player from Kansas!! OMG!! At first I was WAY too shy to go up and talk to him BUT I hurried and cashed out on my machine (which by the way I won $20)! I went up to him and said "Hey, don't you play in Kansas?" He looked back at me not wanting attention and said "Yes, sometimes?" Me: "OMG! Your concert was SO good! How do you play and sing at the same time your SO freaking good!!" David: "Thanks! Are you old enough to be at my concert?" ME: *blushing"" Yes! My parents brought me for my 21st birthday! Can I get a picture and your autograph PLEASE!!!" David: "Yeah of course yougin'! Glad you enjoy our music!"
You should be!!
He was totally cool and so down to earth! Not alot of other people recognized him I wonder if he wore that fanny pack to NOT draw attention? For me it didn't work I immediatly saw that and chuckled to myself! My mom got to meet him to and I kinda sorta think he was diggin' my mom UNTIL my daddy showed up!
Who wouldn't dig her thought right?!
Yeah I know we look EXACTLY alike I tell people that I am the "white" sheep of my family since my dad is pretty tan and Italian and my sister and mom look like "beaners" (they are really hispanic and I just think that I look white!)
Well that was THE highlight of my 21st birthday! It was great! I love my parents and thank them for everything they have given to me and done for me! Your only a spoiled brat when you don't appreciate it right? Well I do appreciate it! More then words will ever explain!
ta ta....

Suzy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!!! How exciting!

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