Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE slacker... I think I'd make a great motivational speaker haha but its time I start putting my money $$ where my mouth is! For real people I haven't done the cleanse AND I am barely starting the 30 Day Shred TONIGHT! ::running to hide in embarrasement and shame:: Yes bitches Jillian gave me a damn good run for my money because oh man are my arms freaking sore or what!! Well props to my sis in law who started this morning she motivated me to get off my bumm. On a brighter note I have just started watching what I eat cutting back on the whip cream on my morning lattes (yes peeps, morning meaning everyday!!) instead of popcorn I will have carrots and instead of a hamburger I will have a tuna sammich and I have already lost a WHOPPING 4 pds!! Yes just dieting I have lost 4 pds. Well as much as I like to talk about me enough enough.. On to something much more importante'...
(If you didn't watch this your lame and need to get a life!!! pathetic I'am..)
So who watched it!? What do you think? I started doing this little review with Dancing with Stars but I kinda lost interest not to mention jealous of most of those bitches bodies.. well not so much Kates. BLEHH!!       Okay so anyways.. I am going to really start doing this faithfully every Tuesday because I just love this show I swear I was one of those hott fiesty fashionistas in my past life !
(wait... thats right I still am)

So here are my thoughts on tonights show!

Sorry guys but I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Always have always will! Seriously, I have loved this chick since she was on Laguna! Yes, that was so high school but I do love her! Crack and all!
(crack? that was a total joke)
Why do I love all the bitchy girls? Hmmm... thats a hard one? It couldn't be that I relate to them could it? Well I love her for the fact that she is just real. Plain real. She has no problem telling anyone how it is!
(Do you see any resemblence?)
I mean I know I am no plastic surgeon or anything BUT she looks HORRIBLE!!
Well hubbs has worked a late night tonight so I think I will go snuggle up in bed with him. Maybe I will get around to blogging tomorrow! Hope your all doing well!
Kristin said...

Ha big big fan of The Hills and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristin she has always been my fav. And I think Hedi looks like SHIT She is so nasty looking.

Hilary Lane said...

I DVRed it. I can't wait to watch it! Although, I do have to say, I've always been an LC fan & sometimes Kristin just gets on my nerves.

I'm still team LC & Stephen. :-)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

great job on the dieting! i'm sure just cutting out some basic no-no's will get you where you want to be! but jillian does kick some major booty. I hurt for about a week i think:D but it does get easier!!
as for the Hills, I used to watch when Lauren was on there..and I LOVED laguna and Kristin as well..I havent watched this season though..heidi and spencer were getting to be too much for me and lauren said farewell :(

Pete & Mal said...

Love love LOVE this show..... and yes... HEIDI looks horrible!! I am glad her family told her how it is, Also I do love Kristin as well, I don't agree with how she treats her friends sometimes but I still love her!!! I just wish Lauren was still on.. I LOVE her! I am glad to know someone else has a life and watches thins stuff like me!

Meant to be a mom said...

Ok I'm a big hills fan and I dvr'd it last night but haven't watched it yet. I like Kristin and think she's a beautiful girl Minus the drugged out thin version she has become recently. She shouldn't do that to herself, stupid! Heidi, Ewe, what the H! Seriously look at yourself, not pretty!

Valerie said...

I completely agree about Heidi. What has she done to herself?? So sad.


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