Easter with Nephew

First off sorry I have been so MIA lately! I have been crazy busy with my birthday, our trip, my sweet Addyson, and Easter... oh and this HORRIBLE cold that R and I have had for 1 WEEK now! 1 freaking week! I am finally on the up and up but still a little drugged on NyQuiL! So here are a few updates on this past week or 2! Enjoy!

We LOVE our nephew so much! He is so fun to hang out with and I love to spoil this little man rotten! The year before we moved into our house we had him over to dye Easter eggs and had a little hunt around our tiny apartment! (god I'm so glad we never have to live in one of those things again). Here is a pic for your enjoyment:
 Peyton Easter 08'

He looks so itty bitty in this picture! I love it!
Since we were moving into our house and our lives were in shambles last Easter we couldn't have him over so this Easter I wanted to make it EXTRA special! Plus papa was down to enjoy all of the festivities as well!!  We started the morning with dying eggs Peyton wanted Transformers ones so Transformers he got!!

Peyton Easter 2010
Doesn't he look so cute with his missing teefies?
  Peyton and his Papa they are such pals!!
Concentrating WAY too hard!!
Peyton made eggs based on each of their favorite colors! Red was for mommy, pink was for Addy, and green was for Dad! It was too cute and he was so proud of them I had to get this sweet picture! This was the morning that Addy had to be admitted into the ER so it made it even sweeter!
Next Papa and Uncle Chop Chop hid the eggs and it took Pey a little while to find some of them! Here he is on his hunt!

Next we did a little (gingerbread) house for the Easter bunny. R and Papa put it together and lets just say that it wasn't the best idea trusting them with such a duty Pey and I definitely learned our lesson on that one! Here are some picutres of the house being decorated which later crumbled! :[

Did I mention that we made a Boise State egg because they freaking ROCK? Yep that's right betches!! ;]

I think I was more bummed about it crumbling then he was!! BOO!!!
Next... we made Easter cupcakes to deliver to our friends and family and the neighbors that helped us cut down our trees so we could put our fence in!! Its a process that for sure!!

This is how they turned out all wrapped up! I thought they were pretty cute myself! Yes, slowly but surely I am turning into a little domestic diva!

Well that was our fun and exciting weekend with Peyton! We had a blast and look forward to making that a tradition! I can't wait till little Addy can join along and help me! :] She is out of the hospital and recovering GREAT! Thanks for the kind words and prayers here parents are so strong and it showed in her thats for sure! Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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