Maternity Pictures

During my last pregnancy I wasn't confident enough to get maternity pictures taken. I wish someone had made me just do it. This pregnancy is totally different, I feel way better rockin' my bump and I love to show it off. I honestly credit my confidence to motherhood. I love being a mom and cannot wait to be a mother to a little girl! We will have one of each and honestly it is beyond my wildest dreams! When the most amazing, talented, beautiful person inside and out reached out to me about modeling a dress in an orchard field for a maternity shoot with Krew I was blown away! We never had a set date until about 3 days before because Utah's weather is super unpredictable and we wanted the blooms at their very best! Well they were initially going to be taken on Thursday we took them Wednesday night! I got off work after a 10 hour day, I had been nauseous ALL dang day, I forgot shoes, and we left Krews shirt on the table! We had like 30 minutes before the shoot and luckily found a Target for a shirt for Krew! The shoot ended up being AMAZING! I froze my buns off but after 20 minutes or so I was use to the cold!

If you are in Utah you must go check out for ALL portraits you need taken. Her soft, airy style meets mine so perfectly! We have a shoot scheduled with her for when Krew meets his baby sissy! I hope you like these as much as I do, I cannot thank Marissa enough for the fun opportunity! There is also a short video on my instagram (sarah.barras)

These are just a few of the many she took! I mean is she amazing or what?!


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