Wow.. I cannot believe 2009 is already to its end! I have enjoyed every waking moment of this year and hope we have just as great if not greater in 2010 with a few little things added!! ;] Here is a list of 20 things that have happened to me in 2009

1. Bought my own house
2. Turned 20! No longer a "teen"
3. Bought a puppy! (cutest dog ever)
4. Learned what a "Wheel Barrow" was for
5. Got another new puppy
6. Celebrated 1 year of marriage with lovey
7. Learned how to shoot a hand gun. Bulls eye the 2nd try!
8. Had my tonsils out and visited hell!
9. Lost 10 lbs
10. Dressed as a cop for Halloween (despite my hatred for them)
11. Lost my job
12. Met a group of new friends
13. Bought a new handbag with my life savings
14. Dyed my hair brown (ahhh!!)
15. Spent Thanksgiving in Idaho
16. Went to Confession (to confess all my sins its a Catholic thing so take your judgement elsewhere...)
17. Waited until the last minute to Christmas shop
18. Learned who her true friends and family are
19. Told a very BIG secret
20. Done 1 positive and uplifting thing a day since Dec. 1st

I will continue to do at least one positive thing a day for many more years. "You must be the change you want to see in this world". I hope you all have enjoyed 2009 like I have. I could not ask for a better partner to have by my side to share all of these amazing experiences with! Through this year one thing we are leaving with is the knowledge of knowing who is and isn't there for us. I love my family and friends and am so blessed to have a man that would jump through a ring of fire just to see me smile. :] Happy 2010
The Bendixen Family said...

That is such a good idea and goal to do 1 positive and uplifting thing each day. :] way to go! hehe

Barras' said...

Kels! It has been such a good idea it puts me in a better mood and a more compassionate spirit! Everyone should strive to do it!

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