Santa Clause sure did come to the Barras house this year! I knew we had been extra good! :] Christmas Eve we started out at Little America with my amazing parents! After dinner Ryan and I went our own way for a  bit and drove past my Grandmas really good friend Shirley Foots house it is decked out every year and my Grandma ALWAYS took us to drive past it.. So since Grams isn't here to do that I thought I would carry the tradition on for her even if it is just Ryan and I. It was so cute like always and made me think about the good times I had with my Grandma. Then we went home to get our kiddies and all of the presents and headed out to my Aunt Joannes house. Once we got there we exchanged presents and chatted for a bit, then it was off to play games! We got back to my mom and dads around 9 or so and automatically whipped out Phase 10! We love that game! I was sick so I didn't last very long I think I was in bed by 11:00!! Of course my sisters boyfriend one (I blamed it on his old age and experience) but my sister just thinks he is good. Grr!! I hate to lose! The next morning we woke up and opened all of our presents!
                    Ryan and I got my dad a 100 piece ratchet set which was kinda pricey but he needed it, my sister Ry and I made my mom a picture collage frame with recent pictures of all of us! It turned out really cute and I almost kept it for my own house! We bought my sister a sonicare toof brush (not like she brushes her teeth anyway) and she loved it, and we got Clark a gift card to Ikea so he can get some stuff for his apartment! My parents gave Ryan and I money and we bought a t.v stand and wire so we can FINALLY get our surround sound set up. My sister gave us a gift card bought me a SUPER cute shirt and some matching earrings! :] Ryan spoiled me a little too rotten and bought me the big set of Bare Minerals makeup I have been begging for it for a year now! So its about time! LOL JK!! He also got me the new Mariah Carey perfume which smells SO SO good and a gift card to go get my belly button pierced and enough money to get some fab jewelry for it! Now that I have the card I am too scared to go and get it done so I will keep you peeps updated on that! He also got me a jewelry armoire and some candy! :) Oh how I love him. I got him an 8 drawer standing Craftsman tool set and filled his stocking with tools, candy, shaving razors, a new belt, a columbia fleece pull over, there was other stuff that I am not remebering at the moment! Ryans side of the family decided to draw names since it would be cheaper for people to buy presents for just one person instead of everyone so Kens girlfriend picked me and bought me a new widescreen Tom Tom!!

I love it! I always get lost so it is SO SO handy to have! and Peyton drew Ryans name since he is with his dad we haven't exchanged that yet! All in all we had a great Christmas this year and hope to make them better and better as the years come! I am so thankful for my parents they go above and beyond to keep us happy my seester who is so so funny and very caring and my husband who shows his love for me in more way then one! I am starting to love Christmas more and more each year I spend with him!! Sorry there are no pictures! :]

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