Yes people I caved!! ::blushing with embarrasment:: Ryan has been wanting a video game console for quite some time now after his xbox got stolen by a certain someone who for their sake I will leave un named! Anyways.. I have been thinking and thinking about a good present to get him shoes-no, clothes-no, anything Boise- NO!, So I came to the genius thought of a Nintendo Wii!!

What guy doesn't like video games?? I know my man loves to play them so its the perfect present for him! Plus I can play it too and I do plan on getting as good as Ryan so I can beat him and all of his friends! ;] Did I get the Wii so that I could play it to? Maybe yes Maybe no?? So we went out and about last night grocery shopping for our fun weekend activities and I suggest that we go and look at them because Ryan has been asking for something of the sort.. so we walk into the store and before I know it Wii in hand, Call of Duty (so so dumb), 2 regular controlers and a excited husband later I nailed the perfect birthday present. Yes yes I know Wife of the Year! :]

So I hope I make his 22nd birthday a very good one we have lots of fun things planned.. Tonight we are having our family and friends over to ring in the new year with! We wouldn't want anyone else surrounding us to start off a brand new decade! Saturday I have an appointment to get my make up done at Bare Minerals (Ryan is so thoughtful and made me one so I can be sure and use it right) Then that night we have dinner out with our friends at The Sky Box which I am sure my hubby will love, and Sunday I am making him his favorite steak sandwhiches and have him a birthday cake from Schmidts of course! :] Thats birthday tradition! Hopefully this weekend goes off without a hitch but knowing this family we may have a few road blocks! So wish me luck I hope you all have a fabulous 2010 kick off and be safe!!

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