New Year 2010

Oh man we had such a great start to our New Year!! I can just tell 2010 is going to be one hell of a year, we are so lucky to have the friends and family that we do to celebrate every exciting thing life brings us! This New Years we had a get together at our place with Rys dad Ken, his little sister Whitney, Alex and his girlfriend Bri, My bff Whitney and her man Danny, my sister and her boyfriend & of course my Uncle Rudy!! It was so much fun we stayed up playing drinking games, nintendo wii, and just hung out!! Here are some pictures!

Chance getting his butt kicked by yours truly at the wii!

Me in my 2010 glasses! Love em'!

Kenny B getting his party on!

My babies and I


BFF <3

My boys!

Uncle Rudy
It was such a fun night! I think we had all had it by aboud 4:00 a.m! We didn't wake up till around noon the next morning! My wonderful husband and father in law had breakfast ready! :] Thanks for everyone who came and made our night so fun! You others really missed out on a good time!! ;]

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