Thanks to one of my good girlfriends  Mrs. Davis  at for this!

"10 honest things about my life"

1). I HATE any kind of sandwhich condiment! No mayo, no mustard, no pickles NOTHING! Just meat, lettuce, and cheetos!
2). I went to private Catholic school up until junior high school and I loved it until I explored public school and swore I would never go back.. I went back 1 year and high tailed it right back to T-Ville.
3). I hate when people ask me how long I have been married followed by: "Well how old are you?" Like what does that have anything to do about my marriage?? Seriously people!!
4). I have a weird sick obsession for my dogs.. well any dogs at that matter I just love them. Ryan claims I dont know the difference between a dog and a human.
5). I am the most irresponsible 21 year old EVER like known to man kind if my head wasn't on my shoulders I would lose it.
6). I am only 5"0 ft tall and 98 pds. and would drop dead if I hit above 100!
7.) Ryan and I met at Sears. ::blushing::
8.) I have a.d.d like you wouldn't believe I am constantly tapping my foot on the ground as if going along to a beat because I CAN'T sit still.
9). I wear my heart on my sleeve when I first meet you I give you my complete trust but if you screw it up you will never 100% have it back.
10). My older sister and I are 18 months apart. She is my best friend and I sometimes wonder if God didn't make us twins because my parents wouldn't have been able to raise us so well! :]

Well thats it! Call me what you will boring, blunt, crazy I dont care. I am me and I love where my life is taking me!

Mrs. D said...

I tagged you on my blog :)

Barras' said...

I dont know how to tag! :[

Mrs. D said...

That just means I gave you 2 awards! I will teach ya :)

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