Love Story

So as I am seeing from Mrs. Davis I thought I would post our love story as well! So here goes nothing with a few pictures attatched! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! <3

 Hubbs and I met at Sears on my 18th Birthday! (Best bday present ever eh?) So as my bff Whitney and I were meeting some friends at Fashion Place mall so that we could all make it to dinner together we couldn't find parking anywhere!! We were meeting them right outside of the food court so it would be a really quick trip in and out!! There was a TON of parking in the Sears parking lot (almost like I was meant to go into Sears) so she said "Just park here and we will walk" Me being in heels and shorts ::blushing:: thought fine fine but lets make this quick Sears smells like OLD PEOPLE! Blech!! So we walk out of Sears and BAM its like I literally was struck by cupid. Considering that Ryan looks like a 30 year old man without a gotti I really though I had no chance that he was probably married with kids or something... lol Well we meet the friends and started walking out through Sears back to my car. Well who would have thought that this strickingly handsome man would be following us?? Well following is putting it lightly he was STALKING!! Major stage 5 clinger for sure!! He was with 2 of his other friends so as they kept following us I finally thought to myself before I trip and fall in these 6 inch heels and make a fool of myself I mains well say Hi.... thinking the humilation of that would outweigh the humility of falling on my face! So I took a GIANT leap and turned around and politly said "Hello boys" or as my hubbs would put it I said it very seductively.... Yeah I am sure I did Ryan. So we talked he challenged me to an arm wrestle to see who would go and hang out with who and I won!! (I know he let me win dont spoil it people) So I invited them to Joes Crab Shack my favorite restaurant at the time to my surprise they showed up!! Oh man my Prince Caharming really exists! After a year or 2 of a bad relationship I was NOT looking for anything serious which is why I think God put him right in front of me! So we talked through dinner and realized we had so much in common minus the fact that his family was UBER Mormon and my family is UBER Catholic. We hung out and talked for weeks until he finally asked me to be his "girlfriend" **batting my eyelashes** After graduation I moved in with him we had one minor breakup (on his end) and got back together Thanksgiving and have been going strong ever since!!

He proposed to me on Easter of 08' and we wed August of 08'!

So that is how we made Barras history! We have had our ups and downs as far as families, careers, religion, and opinions but at the end of the day he loves me for me and I couldn't ask for anything more in a man then that. He is my Prince Charming and I know I walked into that Sears with an open free heart and left with a wonderful man and best friend! OOoo how I have the feel goods! Share your love story with me I love to read them and get all mushy mushy!! I hope you enjoyed!! I know when we have Grandkids Ryan will say that I "hit" on him first but we all know the truth!!

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