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SPRING! Where are you!?
Easter is my favorite holiday! I just love it, why? Ya know my birthday, all the candy, the easter egg hunts, my proposal story, oh and my basket whats not to love?! My easter baskets from my parents are freaking the Every year no matter how old I am my mom puts together the best Easter basket for me! I swear I am going to be 45 years old opening Easter baskets with my kids from Gma and Gpa! My proposal was amazing, and when I was younger we would do egg hunts and my Grandmas and there would always be a  $50.00 egg and my dad would always clue me in on where to find it. Yep.. I usually always found it. {Lucky right???} My favorite kind of Easter candy is::
PEEPS! :nom nom nom: I swear I could eat a million and 1 and not get sick or gain a freaking pound! All I have done since Easter candy has come out on the shelves is gorge myself with these things AND these freaking things:

I swear to you its all I eat! I get so full on all of this that I NEVER want dinner. I have lost a whopping 2 pounds since Friday when I filled my grocery cart like a mad woman with a year supply of all of these goodies!! So these are just the many reasons why I love Spring/Easter time. For Lent (I am Catholic)
 I knew I wanted to give up something that I ate alot and also something that I knew I could stick too so I gave up my beloved FRENCH FRIES!! Since In N' Out and Chic Fil A came 3 miles away from my house I have over indulged in their yummy french fries! Since Summer is just right around the corner I thought it would only help to fit in my bikini right? Well I am dying! DYING!!! Oh well I only have 35 or so more days! Then I will be in french fry heaven! Well thats all for me on this sunny but frigid cold day. I am waiting for Spring to tap me on the shoulder! :] Any day now.....
Meant to be a mom said...

Those peeps give me a tummy ache just seeing them =).
I like all the chocolate in the baskets easter morning.

French fries, good choice. I never thought of that. That would be SOOO hard. I mean if I think about it, That is something that allot of people eat almost every week, sometimes mulitple times. Good luck.

Barras' said...

Yes that has been my life for the past week!! I am still eating them as we speak!! I thought french fries was good too I do eat them at least 3 times a week! Did you give up anything?

Meant to be a mom said...

I gave up drinking pop and I like to make a change for the better as well during lent. So I decided to quit being so sensitive, so judgmental of others and to not say anything if I don't have something nice to say. =) Sometimes I just get mad and I will say some rude things about people (Not to their face, just a way of me venting my emotions) But its not nice so I won't let it happen anymore.

Barras' said...

You go girl!! That is something I think we all need to work on for sure! I know exactly how you feel!!

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