My Valentine

To all you Valentine haters: GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU EITHER!!
(The quality of this picture sucks!!)
There is nothing to hate about being married to this man! NOTHING! I dont see a point in Valentines Day because I dont think you need an excuse to show your spouse how much you love them. It needs to be done on a day to day basis and with him it is. He is such a hardworking, driven, generous, and handsome man. I could go on all day about him, I really could! I look at this picture and it just bring smiles to my face! It is the night we met on my 18th birthday and it has been one hell of a ride ever since! We look SO young I have such baby chub still!! *blushing* I knew from the moment we striked up converstation that this would be the man whom I'd spend forever with!! I have never known one man to work has hard as he does. I mean he would literally work 24/7, 350 if that meant giving me and our little family everyting we wanted and deserved. If it wasn't for him I have no idea where I would be today!

This place signifys a whole lot of things for me! Not only were my Grandparents married there but my parents were as well! My parents will be married almost 30 years this coming August! The love they have for each other is astonishing!! It almost makes me sick, after 30 years my parents still look at each other like they have never even been in love. They say you marry a man that reminds you of your dad and it is SO true in my case. My dad is hardworking, driven, generous, handsome, and not to mention  funny as hell!! I can honestly say that he has NEVER done anything to intentionally hurt my moms, my sisters or my feelings EVER! I know Ryan looks up to him and I am so glad that he has such a great role model. Now getting back to the main MAN here!

If this picture doesn't do justice for how I felt on that day I dont know what does! All I could think of when I stepped onto the aisle was lets get this f"ing thing over with so I can have this man forever and ever and get on to Mexico where we can relax and enjoy each other. August 30th was the best day of my life and I am so glad through everything I can call Ryan Daniel mine! So if your reading this babe you are an amazing person with such a warm soul and I can't imagine spending this Valentines with anyone else! Your my best friend, confidant, soul mate, and role model! I can't wait to have babies with you so they can see how amaing you are too!! I love you so much thanks for everything!
Now I don't mind a day where all my husbands attention is focused on me! Bring it on Valentines Day!!

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