Since I dont think I will have time to BRAG about my father this weekend I am just going to do it now. This Monday my dad is going to be.. *gasp* 50!!! Yeah 50!! I know I know he goes to the gym for 2 hours a day, everyday and could kick anyones ass in squats but this has been really hard me. Being the daddys girl that I am I just can't get past the fact that he is 50! I think if I say it enough it will hit me, but I dont think I will ever be okay with it. My dad means so much to me in my eyes he is the ideal man, handsome, hardworking, generous, buff, and FUNNY!! This man is the funniest person EVER funnier then Will Ferrel and coming from me that means pretty damn funny! He has always been my biggest cheerleader and I have been ablet to tell him everything even those embarrassing things that you would never think about telling your dad! One thing I admire so much about him is his way of thinking he makes everything a joke and always sees the bright side to even the worst situation. I mean look at this smile...
Or in others words shit eating grin. I hate to admit this but I have the same gosh darn grin, it looks like we are up to something even if we really aren't!! Its hard not for me to feel warm and safe when I see him smile like this! I sure do love him and everything he has done for my mom, sister and I. He has been so good to use and I honestly do not know how he did it being the only male in the house! I remember wrestling with him and getting put down! He would have me, my mom, and my sister in the corner hurting within 5 minutes!! EVERYTIME!! One special memory I have about him is the way he ALWAYS had to make things even for my sister and I. My sister had the brilliant idea to put makeup on my mom one night (we were 5 or 6) and I was so mad that my sister got to put it on my mom first and I didn't have anyone to put it on! Well... he stepped up to the plate and let me put makeup on him!! Tender I know... Well enough about my him I sure  hope he knows how much I look up to him, love him, and admire him. I hope my children get a chance to meet him it puts love in your life no matter what!!
Dad you rock my socks!!

P.S I will proudly take on your roll of doing the best pranks to everyone. Thanks for all the tips! Love ya!!

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