This woman does not get the respect she deserves. Her birthday was yesterday and knowing her she would kill me if I posted her age. (She's not even old... YET) ;] I love birthdays and I think they need to be known and made a big deal of! So I decided to have Jess, Deano, and Pey over for dinner last night and make Jess dinner and a bday cake to celebrate another year with her!! Her family does not give her enough credit for all of the amazing things she does for everyone around her! We have had our moments and I am sure we will have many more but one thing I can say about her is she knows how to bring you back down to earth! I look up to her more then she knows and think she is an incredible mom! Happy Birthday Jess! Your an amazing person and we love you SO much!! Can't wait for all of the memories we have ahead!
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Thanks for following my blog. I will definitely follow yours. I loose track of new followers and somehow never started following you guys. Thanks for letting me know.

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