Manic Monday

Instead of doing this:

I am stuck here in the office trying to translate and type this:
Seriously was my my boss high when he tried to write this? I have the worst headache from this man! I'm going with the fact that he was high or on crack.

I'm so ready to be home playing something like this:
(Do you love my white nail polish? Thanks, me too!) 
You can see my Gus miester hiding behind his sister he was over the camera! Chewy looks so sweet an innocent huh! Yep.. she sure knows how to melt my heart look at that face!

If your name isn't Ryan Barras please disregard this message:
I have been begging for a pair of these:
 & since they have their new wedges out maybe I can do a 2 for one deal and add in these:
 Monday is almost over for me I am going to go home and enjoy some down time with a beer on my front porch! Ahhh I can already taste it. Did I mention we have 26 more days till vacation time?! Can I get a woot woot!

Chow Bitches.
Kristin said...

Hi!! Glad you found me! Love the white nail polish!

Brittany said...

Your pup is adorable :-)

I love those shoes! super cute. And so is your hair!

Kristin said...

O I love love love the white nail polish

love jenny xoxo said...

I love the blog, so cute, I had to follow!!


Adorably Distracted... said...

awww cute puppies!

Chelsea said...

I've been contemplating a pair of Tom's too! I just can't decide which...

I left a lil somethin' somethin' for you on my blog btw!

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