Happy Monday Ladies! I had a wonderful weekend it was all such a blast! Friday night we went out to Squatters for my sweet mama's 29th (she would kill me if I posted her reaL age) birthday! I'm so grateful to be SO close to my family at the end of the day I know my parents, and my big sissy are ALWAYS here for me and that is so comforting I love them more then they know! After dinner sissy, her bf and husband and I went to this Frozen Yogurt place here in SLC called TopIt. Its AM-AZING!!
They have all the toppings my lil' heart can imagine! PLUS its non-fat so thats an extra brownie point for them!! Then we watched the movie Gamer with Gerard Butler (only reason I stayed awake) it was freaking CRAZY WEIRD!

Saturday I had my husband all to myself ALL day it was nice! We did the usual Saturday grocery shop, shopping, cleaning stuff etc etc. Then we had friends over for the UFC fights!! I'm so sad Lidell lost but I do think its time for him to retire! We stayed up late laughed, and had a great time!

Sunday we slept in went hot tubbing, bbq'd and watched the NBA game! Sooo glad Celtcis won! I can't stand Kobe Bryant I want to POP his head! We stayed up WAY past our bedtime for a Sunday but had such a good time with our friends and had the BEST bbq'd food EVER! Just ask my nephew:
It rained and crap all weekend long I'm SO ready for Summer to get here and to stay here! Hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend!
Adorably Distracted... said...

sounds like a blast! Can I get in on that next ice cream trip!?!? looks amazing!

Monique said...

I love love love frozen yogurt ♥

Hilary Lane said...

That movie was crazy weird, but I thought it was good!! There were a couple of times I had to turn around and tell my husband to let me know when the scene was over!

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