I swear I'm ALWAYS in a hair dilemma! My main girl is going on maternity leave soon and is only working 3 days a week till 6 and with my full-time job I just can't manage that nor say "I'm sorry I'm leaving early to get my hair did." Nope I wish! So the last few days I have been in search of a new hair girl someone I can trust, someone who isn't going to ruin my hair because their hair looks like shit, and someone who has great experience so my hair looks flawless!  So I finally had a good friend mention her sis-in law and her hair always looks super cute so why not go for it?! I made an appointment for Friday which is amazing I didn't think I'd be able to get in before the 4th but I did! So ladies I need your opinion on 3  hair colors they are all kinda similar just a different shade/hue of blonde! Here ya go:

1. Of course my all time favorite gal. I like how this is bright blonde and it has a darker undertone with the light low lights.

 2. Holly's World anyone? I love love love this girl! She is so cute and spunky and this is the hair color I am mostly likely going to go with unless I get other strong contenders! Hopefully it looks as good on me as it does her!

 3. Hayden is gorgeous and I love the darkness this has to it. Its not a "look at me I'm a blonde bimbo" color either!

So let me know your opinions and thoughts! Happy  Tuesday!
Mommy Of A Jamexican said...

I am lovin numero uno! <3

Chelsea said...

I like the first one!

AllyRae said...

Oh wow I can't decide. They all look amazing! But I'm going to go with... number 3. Very subtle and classy.

Brittany said...

I like number two! :)

Hope your hair turns out!

Brooke&Tyson said...

I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find your blog :) you are so so cute!!! I just love your blog! I really like #1 (or #2..hollys world is so great!).can't wait to red more... I'm a new follower :)

~jacquelyn said...

well, i've been doing lots of #1-ish colors on my blondes lately, its great for summer... :)

Brittany said...

My hair is just like the first one so I say that one :-)

It took me forever to find a new hair girl and trust her! Thankfully I was able to do so. You don't just want anyone messing with the blond! Hope it turns out well :-)

Dree said...

This is exactly what's happening with my hairdresser! Why do they have to go and have babies on us?! I have an appointment with someone new on Monday- yikes!
I'm always a fan of Hayden's hair, because it looks so chic but natural.
Love your blog! Can't wait to read more!

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