How far along?
35 weeks!!
For some reason my whole pregnancy I have been looking forward to this post! I am so close and 35 days sounds sooooo short!
Total weight gain/loss:
I am still hanging at 26 pds and am really happy with this! The doctor says it's a great healthy weight. My goal is to not get above 30 pounds!
Tylenol PM plus the cool breeze from my window is helping me sleep like a baby. (Why do they say that? Babies don't sleep!) I still wake up at least once to potty!

Best moment this week:
Honestly this week I have been having contractions ALL day and I am starting to feel like I am going to be pregnant forever!!
Krew is strong! We are able this week to notice he sticks his little foot out on my left side. It's really cute and hubbs loves it!!
Still have contractions and a gross amount of discharge!
Food cravings:
I am still on my french toast kick but I am also craving Salmon pretty badly!
Food aversions:
Red Meat.
All blue! ((:
Labor Signs?
I am completly thinned and baby is -1.
Belly Button in or out?
What belly button?
What I miss:
Conversations that aren't baby based!
What I am looking forward to:
Suprisingly I am ready for labor & delivery these past couple weeks my love for my husband has grown so much I can't wait to share this with him!
Weekly Wisdom:
I have started to thank God every night before bed for all of the blessings I have been blessed with. It helps me feel happier and it really reminds me how truly lucky I am!

I can't believe I am 35 weeks! That's a milestone all in itself right?!


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