Krew's Hospital Bag

I can't believe I am blogging about this! I am seriously so completely o.c.d when it comes to Krew's little hospital bag! I am not going to show his going home outfit, you all will just have to wait for that! (; Here is a basic list of what I packed I have heard he doesn't need much it seems easier to me for him to stay in what the nurses put him in so they aren't always changing him and messing with this temperature poor fella isn't here for dress up! So here is a short but basic list.

  • A cute swaddle blanket. I don't dig the hospital ones very much they just seem so hospitally and everyone has them!
  • A burp rag because a dear friend made it and it's cute.
  • A set of pajamas with a football on the butt of course. I doubt we use it but you never know.
  • An outfit in case we have an accident in his going home one!
  • A tinsy pair of socks in case his feetsies get cold at night.
  • Some booties to go with his home outfit.
  • A plain white long sleeve onsie.
  • A binki in case breastfeeding doesn't go as planned.
  • A few diapers since I hear the hospital ones are size 1s we think our little guy will me well, little.
  • And a pack of wipes in case we need it on the way home etc.
I am also bringing along his Boppy pillow so I can have the lactation consultant help me properly breastfeed with it. The car seat is already in the car and I also have a sweet blanket my Grandmother made for him because it gets cold here in November! If there is anything I maybe missing or tips that you think could help please share!! There are only 11 days till I am term it's so crazy to me! You will see my ass on the treadmill walking this little boy out of me! I can't wait to hold him, and I cannot wait to see my husband lock eyes with his first born son. (tears)


Hilary Lane said...

I sat here for about 2 minutes trying to figure out why you would need a bikini in the hospital in November. Binki... not bikini. Duh! :-)

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