Baby Moon

Sorry you don't get to see my fat pregnant a$$ for my weekly bump post! I have come down with a terrible cold and to boot hubbs isn't home to take a picture he is hunting! Boo!! I figured I'd try to get caught up on my blog and post about the last exciting thing hubbs and I did which was our "baby moon" surprisingly a lot of people live in a hole and didn't know what one was, it is basically a honeymoon before the baby comes therefore; babymoon. I've heard some snide comments on them but I am so so glad husband and I were able to take one. (haters gonna hate) We went to Boise, Idaho for the Boise State VS. BYU game!! It was so so fun and I am a lucky girl and had my parents tag a long I love spending time with both of them and know it's precious time because whether we all like to admit it or not they are only going to be here with me for so long. So despite the 5 hour car ride that killed me we had such an awesome time and ventured and walked everywhere! People told me I was crazy and at 32 weeks I wouldn't feel like doing anything but I did! Here are some picture with a quick re-cap!

This cute lady on the horse is my favorite at every game! She always comes out with the team at the beginning of the game! I love horses!

No one hates BYU like a Utah fan. Yeah, I admitted it I am a Utah fan at heart but play the Boise fan role for my husband! I am so glad Boise took the kitty cats down on the smurf turf!
I'm sad you can't my bump well. After I had concession stand dinner my jersey was tight I had to hike it up a little! (;
Cute husby!!
For any of you new mamas I highly recommend taking a baby moon it was great to get away as a couple for the last time.
I'm hoping to get updated on this blog!
Next will be our birth plan, followed by what I am packing in my hospital bag! Here is a quick glimpse:
I am getting so so excited!!
Schnelle said...

So glad you were able to get away and have an awesome babymoon! Can't wait to see what you're packing!

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