36 weeks!!

How far along?
36 weeks + 3 days!!

Total weight gain/loss:
Officially hit 30 pounds. Waahh waahh wahh
What does that mean? I have constant contractions that wake me up!
Best moment this week:
I'm not even sure anymore my days/weeks are starting to blend together! I am all caught up on laundry so that's a plus!

He is out of room. I don't feel him near as much as I did last week, poor guy has no where to go!

Nausea actually in the mornings!
Food cravings:
Ew I don't even know?

Food aversions:
Red Meat.
All blue! ((:

Labor Signs?
Contractions and cramping!!
Belly Button in or out?
What belly button?

What I miss:
Working out, Sleeping

What I am looking forward to:
Weekly Wisdom:
Stay Calm things will happen when God is ready.
I am ready. I made some padsicles this afternoon. Seriously if Krew came everything is ready!!
Kristin said...

almost there girl!!

Jessica said...

Almost full term and looking gorgeous!

Diana said...

cutest pregnant girl ever!! Seems like everyone that is prego craves red meat! crazy!

Kallee Mae said...

You now have a beautiful baby!! Congrats again!
I nominated you for an award on my blog, but totally don't feel like you have to participate if you don't want to. :) It is just for fun!!

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