Birth Plan

As my besties are getting ready to see this pretty lady:
(aka) my favorite country female singer/role model/prettiest lady ever
in concert. I am here at home with my puppies blogging about my birth plan and making sure everything is in order as I will be the BIG 35/35 on Friday!!
I am a first time mom and I do not claim to know everything about child birth but I feel as though my husband and I have done our research when it comes to being as prepared as possible when it comes to the needs for us as a couple and for our unborn son. So after reading, researching my eyeballs out, crying, being frustrated, and asking my doctor thousands millions of questions. We have our birth plan set into place, my doctor has a copy, L&D has a copy and there is a copy that will be put into our bags for actual delivery! This is a short list that I cut down from a very very long list; the main things that are the most important to me.  Of course I know not everything goes as planned but without further adue little Krew's birth plan:
  • I wish to not have Pitocin administered unless absolutely medically needed
  • I do wish to have an epidural as soon as possible. (yes, I'm a bitch to labor pain)
  • Please wait for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing before being clamped, and allow my husband to cut the cord.
  • As long as our baby is healthy, I would like him placed immediately skin-to-skin. If I am unable to do so my husband will be in my place.
  • Please delay all non-essential routine procedures until after the bonding and breastfeeding period. (preferably one hour)
  • Our baby is to be exclusively breastfed, please do not offer any formula, artificial nipples, pacifiers or sugar water.
  • Allow my husband to bathe our baby for the first time in the room.
  • No visitors until after "Kangaroo Care" and husband and I have had our time. (3 or so hours)
Thinking of all of this happening in real life makes me tear up a little bit Ryan and I have worked so hard and come so far and I cannot wait for the moment when we are a family of 3. Just us to conquer the whole world! Please leave any comments you have on this and if you have tips, I'm going to be back later in the week/weekend with what I have packed for myself and Krew!!
I went to lunch with my bestie today and it was hard for us not to chuckle at my shadow! Can't believe in no more then 1 month I will no longer have this huge bump in my way!!
Schnelle said...

Great plan! I have a lot of the same things on my draft.

Jessica said...

Dude, I wanted an epidural ASAP. LOL

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