30 Weeks!!

Okay, there is no way I ONLY have 10 more weeks before I meet my little man. I mean 10 weeks give or take! It seems SO far but SO close when I think of all the things I have to do! We are going on our baby moon next week/weekend and I can't wait! I'd say I'm starting to embrace how big my bump is getting! Krew likes to jam to Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, & of course The Doobie Brothers he is for sure my dads Grandson!
How far along?
30 weeks!! WTF!
Total weight gain/loss:
Back up to 20 pounds I go do the doctor next week so we will see what she has to say! Hopefully I gain a pd a week here on out!

Jesus I have been so busy and so "nesty" I literally melt into my bed at night! The mornings suck though I'm so sore & so tired I think I could lay there all day!!

Best moment this week:
I've managed to get A LOT done in his nursery we just have a few little things & will need to pack our bags cook a little longer sweet boy!

LOTS & LOTS! I love it! Well okay, he gets into my left hip a lot and gives it a good kick!! Plus my right rib is ALWAYS on fire especially when I sit at my desk for a long time. I like his kicks though it's kinda like he is saying hi or "hi yaw"

My burning hip and frequent braxton hicks are back! & holy F my acne!!
Food cravings:
Krispy Kremes man. Ugh.

 Food aversions:
Red Meat, I consider myself a semi veg. I will choke down chicken.
Labor Signs:
Do Braxtons count?

Belly Button in or out?
At this point I don't think it's going to come out anymore! I should probably get a picture of it to look back on. My mom and husband are weirdly obsessed with it. My sister pokes it.

What I miss:
Being skinny?? Yep. Skinny.

What I am looking forward to:
Our baby moon & freaking November!!

Weekly Wisdom:
Sleep Sleep Sleep.
I can't ever and will never get enough of it again!

Every week that passes is a milestone I think. I'm finally getting to the uncomfortable point so I'm trying to stay positive! Plus it's starting to cool down here in SLC hopefully that helps my mood! (:
I must share this!
10, 20, 30

Schnelle said...

You are so adorable! I'm up 13 lbs. and I'm only half way along- I'm a little jealous of you, not going to lie;)

Jessica said...

I can totally see a pop between 20 and 30 weeks!! Eek! Cute as a button lady :D

Schnelle said...

I wasn't able to respond to your comment/email. Please send me your email address or just email me schnellexo (at) gmail (dot com) I would love for you to guest post:)

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