Ello lovies,
Remember me? Crazy girl who swears a lot and is trying to cook a baby? Yeah, I'm here still here almost 33 weeks pregnant and trying to get my bean as cooked as possible! I have been MIA the past few days since our baby moon and the little scare we had that landed us in L&D with contractions and a very stressed out babe. I want to get this blog post in so I do not forget any details on this journey our little man has decided to take us on. So here it goes.

Monday morning I was cramping REALLY bad when I was driving to work I didn't think much of it since I haven't really had a break since vacation. Always on the go go go. I worked through the cramping until about 1:00 when I called my hubbs in tears. For him to tell me that I must be in a lot of pain to be crying really struck me. You're right I'm not much of a crier or a baby per say so I best get my booty home and try to relax. I arrived home around 2 and laid on the couch, took a Tylenol, and tried to take it easy. I just didn't feel right, I knew deep down that something was wrong so I made a call to my nurse and she told me to head straight to L&D. That I did, and thinking back I'm not sure how I drove myself there. Of course, hubby was unreachable at work at the time. I was freaking.out!!

So I checked myself into L&D, put the robe on, and let the nurse grope me to put the proper monitors on me. After about 10 minutes of them monitoring me I was having an oxygen mask flung on me, my legs spread apart, and them telling me that baby had quite the story for them and that I just needed to stay calm. At this point I am scared so scared and I just wanted a familiar face by my side. Luckily, my sweet nurse was able to get a hold of hubby and he headed my way. To make my long story short  I was having "irritability" contractions that were 5-7 minutes apart, they figured I was maybe dehydrated so they pumped liquids into me, my contractions still didn't take a back seat, they thought I had maybe an infection but my labs came back and that was ruled out. They did a strep b test and that came back negative as well. After being fed meds after meds to keep my contractions down and regulate, Krew's heartbeat was finally stable again. They did give me a steroid shot hoping to help his lungs develop "quicker" and stronger. I had a shot of morphine and was sent home with meds to keep my contractions regulated. So, I am on "moderate" bed rest and can go to work if I am feeling up to it. After talking with husband we decided it was best for me to start working part time so I went in to the office this morning and spoke with my boss, he was more then sweet and understanding and just told me to do what I felt best to have a healthy baby. As of today I am officially a part timer. I am happy with my decision. At this point helping Krew grow stronger is my #1 priority. If I start having labor signs after the 26th of October they will go ahead and induce me and will not prolong labor! I go for a check up tomorrow and will hopefully have more answers!

It's getting close and I am getting excited and anxious! Keep my sweet baby in your prayers as he still has 5 weeks till we are full term! I'm going to try and make it back tonight with a bump post! Love you all!!


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