Gossip Girl

I caved I mother effing caved!!

(yeah I can't stand Blair so I left her out)
My BFF is the one whom got me hooked in the first place. & for this she needs a punch in the face ::punch here:: I do love her though.
I am almost through Season 1 and I started on Sunday! Lucky for me, this pregnancy is really starting to kick my ars and when I get home at night all I wanna do is lay on my couch so this is perfect! I catch up on GG through Netflix on my laptop and hubbs can still watch his NFL games. Happy marriage I'd say!
I'm kind of disappointed in myself I don't usually jump on the bandwagon to these stupid time consuming things but I think back and I was crazy for not starting earlier.
I must say I LOVE Chuck & Nate, and kinda sorta Dan. I can't really handle too much of little J or Blair. That being said my lack of blogging is all because of this little obsession!
Hilary Lane said...

I read the books and couldn't wait for the series. I lost interest though a couple of seasons in. I end up recording it all season and then watching it in the summer when there's nothing else on, haha. You'll have to let me know if it holds your interest the whole time!

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