32 weeks!

How far along?
32 weeks + 5 days!!
Total weight gain/loss:
Jesus Christ I do not feel like putting this on the world wide web!
I've surrendered. Unisom is a twice a week thing and damn I sleep good!
Best moment this week:
Well this week has been a whirl wind to say the least! Krew had us in L&D for more then 3 hours!
He is very vicious and strong!
Unfortunately we have had lots! Post below!
Food cravings:
Pancakes, and french toast!!

Food aversions:
Red Meat still.


Labor Signs:
Post below!

Belly Button in or out?
It's officially FLAT!

What I miss:
I'm not sure anymore. I miss feeling normal, being my normal on the go self? I've finally taken a back seat and am letting Krew call all of the shots!!
What I am looking forward to:
I have a follow up doctors appointment tomorrow!

Weekly Wisdom:
Chill the F out!!
I just need to make it at least 5 more weeks with this little one in me. I will be full term and he is free to come! I'm finally off my butt and cleaning all of his clothes and will install the car seat as soon as I get my car detailed!
Jennifer said...

Hi there! I started following your blog a month or so again and enjoy hearing how your pregnancy is going. I'm due 11/20, so we are super close. I COMPLETELY feel your pain on the weight gain. I finally have just decided to let it be and not worry about it. Hoping little Krew stays put for a few more weeks for you!!

Jessica said...

Baby certainly makes you slow down a bit! Haha glad you're feeling ok :D

Vanessa said...

You look great! Take it easy these last two months so little man can come out nice and healthy!! =)

Becky said...

Sorry for your scare with baby! I hope he stays put just a little longer and you are able to take it easy. Don't stress out, find friends/family to help with the last few things to do before Krew comes home. The nursery doesn't have to be perfect, baby boy will never know if you got the pics hung or something decorated :)

Take care girl!

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