(Is this why nephew calls Ryan "Uncle Chop Chop"?) NO!!
50 Reasons Why I LOVE my husband <3

1. He never has anything negative to say about the people he loves. He would rather say nothing at all.
2. He can make me laugh at the drop of a hat.
3. He always has my back even if I am wrong.
4. He calls me his bestie.
5. He is starting to get the weird obsession that I have for our dogs.
6. He is a REAL good cook.
7. He is a Grandma's boy.
8. He wants to have 2 boys and wants to raise them Catholic.
9. When he is off hunting he calls me every morning to wake me up like he does when he is home.
10. In the Winter time he shovels off my car and warms it up.
11. He has to have his hair just so.
12. He is a dishwasher FREAK! The dishes have to be in just right.
13. He loves when my hair is a mess and calls me Medusa.
14. He is a mans man but loves getting pedicures with me!
15. He looks up to his Grandpa.
16. He has the upmost respect for his sisters.
17. He has NEVER left the toilet seat up.
18. Sometimes he will let me paint his toe nails and try cool designs!
19. He "thinks" he can beat me in a foot race.
20. He is never afraid to give me his opinion.
21. He is NOT controlling.
22. He farts even if we have company.
23. He has the WORST table manners I have ever seen!
24. When I need to cry he just lets me cry and tells me everything will be okay.
25. He HAS to wear button down collared shirts.
26. He loves watches and sunglasses.
27. He likes to do yard work.
28. He buys me flowers when I am least expecting it.
29. He is SO good with babies it makes my heart melt.
30. He lets me beat him up while we are wrestling!
31. He always stubs his toe.
32. He has morals and values that most men do not have.
33. When he looks at me I know I am the only girl who makes him googly eyed.
34. He CAN'T go cross eyed
35. He can make almost ANY voice in the book.
36. Sometimes he acts like a mexican.
37. He brags about how good I can clean to try to make up for my cooking.
38. He tells me I am beautiful every day.
39. He won't leave the house without giving me a kiss goodbye.
40. He is a country boy and some has the best work ethic.
41. He learns from others mistakes.
42. He will come to church with me. (Catholic that is)
43. He sings to me.
44. He understands that I MUST have a girls night every 3rd Saturday of the month and he does not call/text etc.
45. He loves my family.
46. Him and my dad are best buds.
47. He calls Pepsi's "Spinners"
48. He would work 4 different jobs if it meant giving us the things we needed and wanted.
49. He accepts me for me. Potty mouth and all.
50. Last but not least. I love the fact that he chose me to be his wife.

Those 50 things were really easy to come up with. This man is my whole life we have so much going for us and we are in such a great stage in our lives and I couldn't be more grateful for the things and people we have.
Kristin said...

Thats so sweet. it seems like you have a really great Hubby and relationship. Thanks for stopping by my blog I just joined yours I also see you love designer handbags as well as I do Im freaking addicted..

Barras' said...

I sure do love my hubbs! Oh yes addicted is a little but of an understatement! ;]

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, this is such a sweet post to your hubs. What a sweetie you are. You should print it off and keep it forever.

By the way, girl you crack me up with your comments on my blog. I love the way you say things. Too funny!

Barras' said...

I hope the way I say things is a good thing! ;] I want to print them off and make a cute little scrap blog!

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