Hubbs knows best...

if he "surprises" me with this beauty on my bday.
Ya know I am not that BIG of a watch fan but R just had to drag me into the dang watch store to look at them because he is. Fan is an understatement!
Me: "Since when is it your 21st birthday hmmm??"
Hubbs: "Everyday is my birthday."
Me: "Yeah okay"
::wishing i was browzing at the Nordstrom shoe rack::
**jaw drops**
Me to the watch sales man:  "Oh I must try that thing on"
Salesman: "Of course it will look great on those danty little wrists of yours."
Me under my breeath: "Danty? Who are you calling danty?"
As I put the watch on R walks out of the store to look at a watch in the window.
Me: "Ah hem.."
** Flashing and waving my wrist side to side to show R how good it looks.**
Hubbs: "Cute babe that looks good on your little wrists."
Me: "Okay well remember my birthday is in 1 1/2 week!"
Hubbs: "Yeah okay honey I have already bought you several things."
Me: "Umm......"
::thinking he better get this for me or I will have to come back and get it myself::
After all it is his fault for taking me into that damn store anyways.. So R if you are reading this I LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch! ;]
That is all for today folks.
Program over

Jen said...

LOVE the watch! Thanks for checking out my blog; you have a new follower now too!

Mitzi G.!! said...

I love it too....going to to check it out right now!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! Its too cute girlie! Im now a new follower of yours!!! Feel free to head over and check out my blog!!! Have a great day:)

Barras' said...

Jen! Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog! :]
Mitzi isn't it just GORGEOUS! I am slightly obsessed!
Maria! Thank you! I will for sure head over and check you out! Thanks for the comment!! :]

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