Dancing with the Stars..

I was glued to my tube for a whole 2 hours last night! Okay.. not the full 2 hours I did pause it to stop and play hubbs in a round of darts. (I lost) However, I do give him a run for his money $$. Last week he lost and had to buy me a super cute sweater! :] I love beating him in things.. EVERYTHING.

     I have 2 favorite couples from last night
I MUST admit I loved watching her dance. Like the judges said all they could think about was "sex"! Well thats Pamela Anderson then right? Her pink dress and whipping blonde hair was amazing. Get it girl!

Niecy Nash..
She is just so funny and has so much spunk I love to see it come out on the dance floor and she sure can shaker her tail feather. You go girl!
Whoop Whoop!!
Yep.. thats my man! ;]

Kelsey Bendixen said...

I love d will! I saw him at the mall a while ago. I was too shy to ask for a picture though haha!

Megan said...

Loved both of them last night too, BOO to Kate though not a fan at all! I also liked the figure skater guy :)

Meant to be a mom said...

I didn't get to see the show last night but all my friends kept saying that Kate G has two left feet and that Pamela looked drunk. Now I'm about to go crazy wanting to get home and watch the dvr. I want to see them all.

Barras' said...

Kesley are you CRAZY?! ha ha jk I probably would have ran the other way!! Yeah boo to Kate too she was no bueno!
Melissa! Let me know what you think when you get home tonight Pam was drunk but I think she rocked it! Kate G for sure has to left feet! ha ha

Annie said...

I SO watched DWTS...too soon for me to pick a fav yet, but I agree...I couldnt keep my eyes off of Pamela A :)...ha, she is so over the top, but I kinda like it!!

So glad that you found my blog! I am now following you too!!

Barras' said...

Yay Annie! I am glad someone could side with me on Pam! I love it. If I could pull of those boobies and that blonde hair I totally would... (if hubbs allowed it. which i doubt he would). ha ha

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