AGAIN, I am sitting here talking about a devilish treat that keeps me coming back for more and more every damn day (I am chowin on em at this exact moment!)
These things:
why are the "Spring" ones so much more delish then the others? If I keep pigging out on these there wil be NO this:

my be-loved bikini! If I hadn't inherited such a sweet tooth from my old man maybe I wouldn't be such a little stress baLL trying to get in as much time at the gym, on my bike, and running around as I have been!! 3 months until the pooLs open I better lay off the oreos, doughnuts, candy, chocolate, chips, and cheesebugas and focus on the TREADMILL and doing my 100+ sit/ups a day!! I have the worst diet in this world hopefully it doesn't catch up to me and I can maintain my 100pd weight for the next umpteen years. However I do need to start doing some mad cruncthes or I am afraid I will start to get that horrid "muffin top" did I just say muffin? :Nom Nom Nom:
I am a suga addict.
the end.
ashley & sundance said...

have you had the peppermint oreos at christmas time? omg. delicious.

Barras' said...

NO!! I love peppermint!! Yum!!

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