Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday peeps! We are half way through the week! Praise the Lord Halleljiiuh!
My Wishful Wednesday is ALL about this:

1. Hubbs
2. The Beach
3. The Sun
4. A good tan
This was us in Mexico on our honeymoon (another post coming soon). I don't think we will be visiting Mexico anytime soon because of all the crazies and drug cartels
This place looks like freaking paradise
Welcome to beautiful sunny St. Lucia.
Does this place not looking AMAZING or what?
*imagining the sun on my skin*
A nice vacation somewhere warm and tropical sounds SO nice on a day like today. Even though its sunny here in good ol' Salt Lake City, there is a slight breeze and I don't like it! :[
Since R and I are saving up for a new fence, sod, a concrete patio, and a hot tub this is the last place we will be going! I guess Home Depot will have to do? For now that is, once our yard is done we are thinking about jetting off somewhere warm and tropical over Christmas. We hate having to split up Christmas between the families so we might pull a "Four Christmas'" and take off!
An even better idea would be for summer in SL,UT to come allfreakingready!!
program over.
Expat Girl said...

Urgh I would love to fit into a bikini right now, walk on the beach and then shower that night and get that blissful feeling that your skin has been touched by the skin that day!...ohhhh daydreamingggg

Barras' said...

Ohh girl... now you have my daydreaming even more!

Heather said...

oh man, now I want to go to the beach!! Just found your blog and am your newest follower!! Happy hump day!

In this wonderful life... said...

the beach does sound nice right now!!!

cute blog :)

Barras' said...

Thanks Heather! Hump Day is almost over whoo hoo!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Hey lady!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and even better participating in Wishful Wednesday!! I too would love to be on beach with my little feat-sies in the sand!

Anonymous said...

Hey I noticed that you are my newest follower on my blog! Yay! I love new blog friends. I love your blog very cute and springy, and it seems like you update a lot which I love because I get OH so BORED at school and I browse my friends blogs to pass the time during lectures haha anyways thanks for making friends, my name is Sara as well!!!

Barras' said...

Hi Kelsey! Glad you liked my wishful I don't like to do the same thing as everyone else plus if i did all the bags I wanted I would be here all day writing LOL!!

Sarah-Hey!! I love new blog friends too!! You are so pretty! Its bad to say but I get bored at work and LOVE to follow up on blogs!!

Meant to be a mom said...

That beach looks AMAZING! I want to be there so bad, But I'm with you. I don't want to take any chances with all the psycho killers there right now.

No thanks!

Hattie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back! I would love to go somewhere like that to get away. I need a vacation soooooo bad! Ha! But, before I can go somewhere like that I have to get my fat booty in shape!

Summer said...

St. Lucia looks amazing! Oh a vacay sounds so lovely 'bout now! I found your bloggy blog through my friends Hattie and Maria....Super Cute BTW! I figured if they liked ya I would LOL....Your fur babies are just presh! Love your blog design....super cute honeymoon photo!

Happy Thursday :0)

Barras' said...

Summer!! Thansk for coming and checking out my blog!! You sound too cute!! Thanks my furbabies are FURDEVILS!! ;] Thanks Happy Thursday to you too!!

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