First Award

Thanks to Mrs. G (one of my favorite bloggys) over at Go check her out she is a newlywed and we have lots in common!
She awarded yours truly with this baby:
::batting of my eyelashes::
For the "Beautiful Blogger" award you need to:

*Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
*Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers
*Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won.
*State 7 things about yourself.

7 fabulous things about me

1. I CANNOT for the freaking life of me get up before 7:00 a.m (its literally impossible!)
2. I had all but 1 baby tooth puLLed
3. Nordstrom has been my favorite store since I was about 5 years old
4. I have 1 good GIRLfriend
5. I bite my bottom lip
6. I would die without my Blackberry
7. I set a state record in Track&Field

Now for my 15 favorite bloggy peeps:
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Happy Friday Peeps!!
Mrs. G said...

Oh my goodness, I am OBSESSED with Nordstrom!!! I bought my first outfit there a few weeks ago off line, and I am obsessed. I want more, but I think I'd break the bank :) Back to the outlets for me (which are about 1.5 miles from my house).

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