Dancing with the Stars

After going to see my niece and great Aunt last night I sat on the couch and caught up on Dancing with the Stars! I love this show, I love to see the outfits, the acting, and the songs!
She is still MY favorite! I love her and her sex appeal, but I do think her arm tattoo needs to go for sure!
Get it girl!! :]
I have a new favorite couple
Yep  thats right... Jake Pavelka is my new favorite!! He is so funky, charming, handsome, funny, and really shows his determination out on the dance floor which I think is Oh so attractive!! (Gimme Gimme!!!)

My niece was transferred to the NICU today so keep those prayers coming please! They think it could be turning into phneumonia so again please pray she needs all the prayers she can get.
Bless her little heart!

P.S My 21st birthday is tomorrow! Excited much? YES! Oh! and I have a cold from hell... thanks to my dad. GREAT early brithday present!! UGH!!

Yvonne said...

Let me be the first to post a Happy Birthday! And a quick prayer for your neice because prayer works.

Barras' said...

Thanks Yvonne! Means a lot!!

Anonymous said...

I just started following your blog. Its super adorable!
I LOVE dancing with stars :)
I read about your niece and my prayers go out to her. Bless her heart :(

OurLittleBlessingS said...

hm..love DWTS for sure! usually i have my absolute favorite!..but this season..not so much. i like derek and nicole..but they'll pry flop now that they've gotten 10's...i like erin andrews and her partner!

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