17 weeks!!

How Far Along? 17 weeks!
Size of Baby?  Sweet potato! Yummy!
Maternity Clothes? Just pants, I would rather be comfortable then cute nowadays! I fit into all my tops but would rather be in skirts, maxi dresses or my maternity pants!
 Weight Gain? I am up 7 1/2 pds! 
 Stretch Marks? No thanking the good lawwd above!
                                                Gender? baby BOY
 Sleep? If it wasn't for my clingy dog I would sleep all through the night!
 Food Cravings? Watermelon, Fresh Veggies & Ranch, Jalapenos and La Frontera!
   What I Miss? Being comfortable! If it's not my headaches it's my back or my feet or my neck. You get the picture.
 Symptoms?  I am getting 3 day migraine headaches. Shit knocks me on my ass!
Best Moment of the Week? I have an ultrasound on Thursday!!
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awwww congrats :)
amazing post!!


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