Krew's Nursery

Let me start by saying from the beginning of this pregnancy I thought I was having a girl, dead set in fact. Husband said he thought we were having a girl too. (reverse psychology) I had her name picked out, her nursery picked out, her future private school picked out, her cheer leading funds ready every.thing. Well, to my surprise she was a HE. I am by no means "disappointed" as I have had people ask me. Disappointed over being able to have a child of my own? Is that even a question. Of course I am not disappointed or mad or sad or whatever else anyone can think of. I am able to create a miracle, to give birth to a healthy baby something a lot of women take for granted and something a lot of women don't have the opportunity to do. Therefore I am grateful, Grateful to have a baby BOY growing like a weed safely in my belly, in my care. I have control. For once I have found my Zen. My Zen is lying on the couch completely relaxed and feeling a little squirm from him. As many of you already know his name will be Krew. A name I have loved forever. I am overjoyed, picturing my life growing up I knew I was supposed to have a boy first. A brother to protect his little sisters (if God is willing), a SON for my husband to experience fatherhood on a whole new level, a GrandSON for my dad since he had 2 bratty girls, a SON to teach me new things about myself and life, and a SON to raise into a wonderful man just like his father. I have to start from scratch. I have to pull ideas from Pinterest and blogs, and the Internet since I do not know a lick about decorating! Here are some inspirations I am going to go off of. I think I have the colors down.
Grey, Turquoise, and Cream.
Nothing to baby and nothing to boyish. Something simple and classy.

I am really diggin' on this room. I found it on Pinterest and it let me to this adorable blog! Seriously how do people come up with these cute rooms on their own? I am totally for the striped walls, and the paisley chair. I must have both. Not a HUGE fan of the white furniture.
I also want to hang this picture
I love the whales! The colors, the happiness in the picture! Makes me smile it's like mama whale and baby whale!
I love the yellow in this, again the white furniture kind of throws me off I don't like it. I really like the colors of this room though so bright and cheery! I may think it is a bit girly.

I love love love the stripes on this wall and the color of the door. For some reason husband HATES to paint so I have a feeling I am going to have to hire a painter to get the exact look that I want. I mean I may or may not only be decorating a room for a boy just this once, so I am going to do what I want.

Let me know your thoughts and maybe ideas on different color schemes together! I will try to post tomorrow about my 18 week ultrasound I get!

Happy Hump Day!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the stripes! Worth it to hire someone.

John and Randi said...

I love these colors! So cute :) I definitely love the stripes on the wall!!

Momma Drees said...

I love his name - and the nursery ideas are amazing. Makes me want another baby.. almost.

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