Fathers Day 2012

Not the husbands "official" Fathers Day but I do think he must be recognized I mean after all we do have life inside! It was a great day! I started it off with a bike ride with my dad on one of our jordan river parkways it's always so pretty in the early mornings I love the time I get with my dad we talk about anything and everything, he is also so careful with me he always tells me I can't get hurt! I let Ryan sleep in so I stayed and hung out with my dad a bit longer before returning home with a card and dougnuts for breakfast! We spent most of the day lounging and doing laundry, we finished the day with a BBQ at my parents! I love those kind of Sundays!
I don't think I need to be one of THOSE girls that brags about how "cool" her dad is or how "sweet and loving" her husband is. I know deep down in my heart that my dad is the best, most genuine, loving fathers in this entire world. He would die for his 2 daughters and his wife I have always looked up to him for this strength, dignity, and respect for those around him.

Dear Father,
Let me start by saying I can't wait to see you with my son your Grandson. You deserve this more then anyone in this world, to have a boy with your DNA. I hope he gets your humor and your zest for life, your ability to just "go with the flow". You are the best role model I could have ever asked for as a little girl, you set the bar high for my husband and we know he is meeting it. No one else calls me everyday to just check on me, or checks how my car is running everytime I leave your house, or bails me out of the most sticky situations. Sure the husband is capable and willing but no man will ever match the love you give to sister and I ever. For this I thank you a million times over.

Dear husband,
I love you I love you I love you. Thank you for letting me be me and guiding me in the right direction each and everyday. You are an incredible man and I strive each and every day to match the love you have for me. I know our son is in good hands and has an amazing man to look to in times of need! I can't wait to see his face and be a family of 3. You are the only one I want holding my hand at the end of the road. Words will never express my feelings for you.

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