This&That Tuesday!

It's Tuesday. I almost feel like Tuesdays are just a hangover from Monday. They still suck, and you still have 4 days of work! Anyone else see this?

I wish I could be at the pool with this little diva, snackin' and chattinn' it up! Oh, Saturday please hurry!

Or BBQing with this little cutie? I am hungry!

I am finally, well not really starting to get Krew's nursery going! I don't even know where to start, I feel like I need to wait till after the shower to really get going on everything but I have this crazy O.C.Dness in me and something is getting to me telling me to get up and get moving!! God knows he does not need more clothes!

A big thanks to my sweet sister-in-law for letting Krew inherit a lot of Jaxyns old newborn/0-3 month clothes! They are only a year apart after all! I can't thank her enough for all of the help and guidance she has given me! I can't wait to see the 2 little munchkins grow up together! So far, I have shoes, shoes, shoes, clothes, blankets, binkis, bottles, a boppy, some stuffed animals, an activity mat, and a swing sort of deal. Hopefully we can get the crib, and bassinet in the next couple weekends. I also "THINK" I have the bedding picked out so we can start picking out paint colors too!
This is husbands baby blanket from when he was just a wee one! Isn't it precious? It is still in such good condition too! I love it. I want to have Krew one made too, I sure cherish this sweet little thing and hope Krew does too! Last but not least, I will leave you with my husbands favorite picture.

Yes, we are already planning his BSU football career!

P.S I am obviously an insta-gram whore so feel free to add me! (barraslover)

Monica's Notebook said...

You have the cutest little baby belly!!! Hopefully your week goes by fast so you can get to all the fun stuff this weekend! Have a great day :]

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