Nursery Must Haves


By no means do I think I am one of those moms that knows everything about the best products for my baby, I only know what I think will work best for the 3 of us. Meaning, Krew, Myself, and my husband. I have put together a list of the nursery must haves I have picked out thus far, we are so grateful and blessed to have awesome people in our lives whom only want the best for baby Krew therefore saving husband and I $$ to spend elsewhere such as diapers, breast pump, clothes, and all the necessities that come a long with a newborn. My parents are being more then generous to their first Grandson. If you mamas out there have any reviews on the items I have posted please share I love feedback!

1. 4moms- Mamaroo I love the modern style of this. I love all 5 directions it is able to go tree swing, car ride, ocean, kangaroo, and rock a bye.  I think Krew will enjoy this although I am a little hesitant with how low to the ground it is because of our puppies and all but we will work out the kinks as they come! Plus, this was shown on Ellen it's got to be cool right?

2. Summer Infant Touch Digital Monitor I have heard so many awesome reviews on this monitor and found it cheapest on Amazon. If we do not get this from our baby showers then I am going to invest in it for Christmas seeing as though Krew will bunk with us in his bassinet for the first few months we shouldn't need it till we move him into this crib.

3. Kolcraft Bassinet I think I love this bassinet most because of the vibration, nature sounds, and glow light. Plus it's pretty gender neutral so we may use it for our next munchkin. Natasha over at raves about hers. Hopefully Krew likes it. I will like him being so close to me for those late night feedings!

4. Babyletto Rocker I am not set on that color scheme yet but I do know this is the rocker I want. I just picture myself falling asleep in that with baby Krew in my arms! It looks so comf!

5. Westwood Crib I love this crib for the simple style and classic look of it. I think it's perfect for a boy or a girl and will be versatile with any bedding we decide to go with.
Whitney and Camron Allen said...

I think a bassinet would be great but you should look into getting a pack and play instead. With a bassinet you can only use it for a few months. Most packnplays come with a bassinet attachment. It also has vibration, diaper changing station, sounds & lights. I used that for the first few months before Mia went into her own room and into her crib. Now I use the pack and play as a travel bed for when we go on vacation or if she ever stays the night at Grandma & Grandpa's. Anyway, just my suggestion. :)

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